Symbols in Excel

Here are the list of symbols used in Excel. Symbols in Excel are very useful to represent the important information using signs in Excel. It helps the users to enhance the representation of the information for easy understanding of the data. We can provide more meaning to the data using verity of symbols. signs, characters and alt codes provided in Excel.

List of Symbols Available in Excel
Symbol Dialog Box
Usage of Symbols in Excel
Inserting Symbols in a Cell
Adding to a Number
Shortcut to Excel Symbols
Alt Codes
Excel Symbols and Functions
Excel Symbols Cheat Sheet
Excel Symbols pdf

List of Symbols in Excel

Here is the list of useful symbols in Excel. You can quickly have a look and use the required symbol which suites your data. It is very important to note that you know the meaning of the symbol before inserting the symbol in Excel. There are verity of the symbols available in Excel, standard built-in symbols, Special Characters and Custom Fonts. You can browse all the available symbols including Webdings and Wingdings Fonts in the Excel using Symbol Dialog Box.

Excel Symbols Cheat Sheet
 Excel Symbols Cheat Sheet
Click to View the Full Size Image.

Symbol Dialog Box

Excel is provided with an easy to use Dialog box to browse all the list of symbols available. We can open the Symbol Dialog Box to view, browse and insert the symbols in Excel.

Symbol Dialog Box in Excel

Where is  Symbol Command in Excel Ribbon

Symbol Command is available in Insert Ribbon Menu in The Excel. You can see the two commands in Symbols Ribbon Group, they are Equation and Symbol commands.

Symbol Command in Excel Ribbon

How to Open Symbol Dialog Box

Follow the below steps to Open Symbol Dialog Box in Excel. You open using Ribbon Command or using Excel Shortcut Keys.

Ribbon Command to Open Symbol Dialog Box:

  1. Go to Insert Tab in the Excel Ribbon Menu
  2. Click on the Symbol Command Control button in the Symbols group
  3. This will Launch the Symbol Dialog Box

Shortcut Key to Open Symbol Dialog Box:

You can press shortcut keys Alt+N+U to open the Symbol Dialog Box.

  • Press the ALT Key and Letter N Key
  • Then Press the Letter U Key to Open the Dialog Box


Using Symbols with Formulas 

We use Excel Formulas in Excel Cell to produce new data based on other Cells in Excel. For example, we can calculate total sales based on Quantity and Price of a product. And we can show the result with a currency symbol. We can use CHAR function and concatenate to any expression of Excel Formula as show below.

Let us say, we have Quantity 25 in Cell A1 and Unit Price $45.80 in Cell B1. The following formula produces the total value in Cell C1.

C1=CHAR (36) &”(USD)” &A1*B1

This will display “$(USD) 1145” in Cell C1.

Function to Create List of Symbols in Excel

We can use CHAR function to create a list of function in Excel. We can pass an ASCII code as input parameter to the function. It will return the respective Symbol for the given code. We can pass any value from 0 to 255  in Excel Char Function to return the Special Character Symbols.

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