Creating New Excel Workbook

Follow the below steps to create new Workbook in Excel. We can create Excel Workbooks using Shot cut keys or using the ribbon commands.

Creating New Excel Workbook from Start Menu

You can use this method if your Excel application is closed. You need to open the Excel Application to create new Excel Workbook.
If your Excel

  1. We can go to All Applications from Start Menu
  2. And Click on the Excel Application.
  3. This will start the Excel Application
  4. And Opens a new Workbook with default blank Worksheets.

Creating New Excel Workbook in a directory

You can simply right click on any directory or folder to create new Excel Workbook.

    1. Go to the Folder
    2. Right Click in the Folder
    3. And Click on the Excel Application
    4. This will create new the Excel Workbook in the Folder
    5. We can Double click to Open the Workbook.

Creating New Excel Workbook when your Excel Application is already Open

If the Excel Application is already opened, we can create new Excel Workbook from the File Menu. We can also use shortcut Ctrl+N to create new workbook.

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