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IFERROR Function in Excel

IFERROR is an Excel Logical Function to Check if a value is an Error. IFERROR used in Excel to handle if the formula is evaluated

VLOOKUP Function in Excel

VLOOKUP Function in Excel helps to lookup the corresponding values of a Range,Table and Arrays.  VLookup match the given lookup value in the first column

Action Items Template Excel

Here is a Free Excel Action Items Template to manage your action items using Excel Application. You can easily manage all the activities and action

Characters in Excel

What are Characters in Excel? Characters in Excel are the letters, numbers and  special characters. Each character represented with a code and saved with a

Symbols Used in Excel Formula

Here are the important symbols used in Excel Formulas. Each of these special characters have used for different purpose in Excel. Let us see complete

Cell Contents in Excel

The information entered in an Excel Cells in called as Cell Contents in Excel. Any kind of Data (String, Numeric, Date, Currency) and Formulas are

What is Contents in Excel?

The information or Objects used in Excel Workbooks to visualize the data is called Contents in Excel. All the Objects in a Workbook or information

What is Duplicate Data in Excel

Same information populated in multiple cells, sheets or any other objects in Excel is called duplicate data. Data can be duplicated in multiple rows,

What is Data in Excel?

Definition: A Data in Excel is the information store in the Excel Objects. We can store in Excel Cells, Ranges, Rows, Columns, Sheets, Charts, Tables

Find Duplicates in Excel

It is very easy to find duplicates in Excel. We can use built in tools (Conditional Formats, Filters) or formula (COUNTIF or VLOOKUP)  to