Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program available in the Microsoft Office Package. MS Excel is used to create Worksheets (spreadsheets) to store and organize data in a table format.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most used software application in the world. Excel have the Powerful Tools and Functions, using it for wide verity of applications across the global IT Companies. It is easy to enter the data, read and manipulate the data. Excel stores the data in a table format in Rows and Columns.

Here is a screen-shot of a Microsoft Excel File:

Microsoft Excel

What is Excel in Computer?

In computer terms, Excel is a spreadsheet application in Microsoft Office Pack. It is one of the most using Applications in business industries. We can store any kind of the data in the spreadsheets in the Excel Range or Excel Cells.We can also insert Images, Shapes, Charts, Pivot Tables in the Excel Sheets to understand the data.

What is Excel Used for?

Microsoft Excel used for storing the data, processing the data, analyzing and presenting the data.

  • We can enter data in Strings, Dates or Numerical type of Data in the Excel Cells and Save the Files for future reference
  • We can use verity of formulas available in Excel to perform calculations
  • We can Develop Tools and Dashboards
  • We can Interact with Other Applications
  • We can connect to verity of Data Bases
  • We can represent data in Charts
  • We can drill down and analyse the data using Pivot Tables

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Where Excel is Used?

Microsoft Excel used in almost all industries. Here are the some of the real-time Excel Using industries and domains:

  • Financial sector is excessively using to perform different kind of calculations.
  • Analytical professional use Excel almost everyday for applying the basic analytical techniques and tools.
  • Banking Sector use to understand the Customer
  • Retail Associates uses for analyzing the POS data to check the change and trend in sales
  • Reporting Analysts uses for generating Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Reports.
  • Healthcare Teams uses for performing the longitudinal data analysis.
  • Market Research Analysts uses for finding the frequencies and cumulative aggregates.
  • VBA Developers uses for developing the Office Applications, Tools, Office Add-ins and Dashboards.

Features of MS Excel:

The following features of Excel made the Excel as most widely using application:

  • Graphical Features of Excel

    Excel have verity of the graphical features to represent the data in Charts and pictorial format. For Example, Charts, Shapes, Smart Arts, Clip Arts, Pictures.

  • Data Base Features of Excel

    Excel can be used as data base and perform of verity of data operations. For example, Pivot Tables, Slicers, Tables, Spark lines, Database, Sorting, Filtering, Data Validation,Grouping, etc.

  • Functional Features of Excel

    Excel Tools and Functions will help to perform powerful calculations and enhance the Excel Application Features. For example, Formulas, VBA Macros, Add-ins, Hyperlinks, Conditional Formatting, Spell Check, Protection,etc.

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