Tick Mark in Excel

Tick mark symbol in Excel is very useful to mark an item that represents correct and completed. You can insert the tick mark from symbols dialog box or using an alt code.

Insert a tick mark symbol

Here is the easiest way to insert tick marks in Excel. Open the Symbols dialog box and select the tick symbol to add anywhere in the Excel Sheet.

  1. Place the Cursor: Select the cell or shape where you want to put the tick symbol
  2. Launch Symbol dialog box: Go to Insert Tab and Click on the Symbols command button in the Symbols Group
  3. Change the Font: Select the Wingdings Font in the Fonts Drop down list in the Dialog
  4. Select Tick Symbol: You can select a tick symbol or enter character code (252)
  5. Click on Insert Button

Alt Code to Insert Tick mark symbol

You can change the font to wingdings and use Alt+0252 to insert Tick mark symbol. Here are the Alt codes of the Check Mark symbols in Wingdings Font.

Alt Code Tick Mark Symbol
Alt+ 0251 Ballot x mark
Alt+ 0252 Check Mark
Alt+ 0253 Ballot Box with x mark
Alt+ 0254 Ballot Box with Check Mark


 Alt Codes of Tick Mark in Excel

Character Codes of Tick mark symbol

Here are the Character codes of the Check Mark symbols in Wingdings Font. You can pass these codes to CHAR function to get the tick mark symbols.

Character Code Tick Symbol Name CHAR Function
251 Ballot x mark =CHAR (251)
252 Check Mark =CHAR (252)
253 Ballot Box with x mark =CHAR (253)
254 Ballot Box with Check Mark =CHAR (254)


Character Codes of Tick mark symbol

Shortcut key to Insert a check mark symbol

You can use ‘Shift + p’ and change the font to Wingdings 2. That will add the Tick Mark in required Cell.

Shortcut Key Tick Symbol Name CHAR Formula
Shift+ o Ballot script X =CHAR (79)
Shift+ p Check mark =CHAR (80)
Shift+ q Ballot box with script X =CHAR (81)
Shift+ r Ballot box with check =CHAR (82)
Shift+ s Ballot box with X =CHAR (83)
Shift+ t Ballot box with Bold X =CHAR (84)
Shift+ u Circled X =CHAR (85)
Shift+ v Circled bold X =CHAR (86)


Shortcut to Insert Tick Mark in Excel

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