Multiplication Symbol in Excel

You can use the asterisk (*) symbol in Excel to perform multiplication. And there are other ways to perform multiplication in Excel.

Multiplication Symbol in Excel:

Use the Asterisk (*) to multiply the numbers in Excel Expressions and Formulas. See the calculation performed using multiplication sign in Excel.

  1. Multiply two numbers: You can type ‘=25*4’in excel cell to multiply 25 with 4.
  2. Number and a Cell Value: Enter the ‘=25*A1’ in a Cell to multiply a number with the Value in the Cell A1 (i.e., First Cell in the Sheet)
  3. Two Ranges: Type ‘=A1*B1’ to multiply the values in Range A1 and B1
  4. Multiplication in expression:’=(25*45)+(35-2)*15′

Where is Multiply symbol on keyboard?

Multiplication symbol is on the number key, it is on number 8. You need to press Shift+8 to enter the * sign. It is 9th key from the left in the second row of the keyboard.

Multiplication Function in Excel:

You can use PRODUCT function to multiply range of values in Excel Formula. Here are simple examples to perform multiplication using PRODUCT function in Excel.

Formula Result Description
=PRODUCT(25,4) 100 Multiply two numbers
=PRODUCT(A1,B1) 200 Multiply Two Cells (A1=100,B1=2)
=PRODUCT(A1:A4) 16 Multiply All Cell Values in the Range (Where A1 to A4 =2)

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