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Excel X. is created to share Excel Tips and most frequently using Excel Formulas. Our goal is to provide easy to understand and follow online Excel Resource. is a Excel Blog by PNRao to provide latest tips of Excel and help you to Quickly Learn and up-to date with Excel Concepts. We help you to know - how to do things in Excel with Clean and Easy Excel Tips, Shortcuts, Reference, Tutorials and New and Quick Tricks and Methods.

We Provide Free Online Tutorials, Formulas, Templates, Dashboards and Macros to excel in Microsoft Excel. We cover basic to advanced concepts and share creative ideas, Excel tips and Shortcuts with Related Example Files. You Can refer verity of examples covered on latest tools and techniques in Microsoft Excel Applications.

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  • Excel Remove Characters From Right

Excel Formula to Remove Characters From Right

Data cleansing is paramount in Excel for accurate analysis. Often, text strings harbor unwanted characters at the end that need purging. This blog post equips you with a treasure trove of methods using formulas and